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Nadia Innovate Development Pack

Nadia Innovate Development Pack

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Innovation is just a code away!

Website Small Portrait Image - Nadia Logo Looking to develop and optimize novel single cell applications and protocols? For a limited time only, Dolomite Bio is offering The Nadia Innovate Development Pack. This promotional pack includes everything you need to enable you to develop new applications and protocols before scaling up to analyzing large numbers of samples with your new protocol on the Nadia Instrument.
This offer includes the Nadia Instrument and Nadia Innovate,?required consumables and specialist expert support at a one-off special discount of 15%.
This offer has now expired. All Nadia Innovate Development Pack promotional codes can be redeemed until 30 September 2019. If you did not receive your promotional code, please get in touch at info@dolomite-bio.com.

Nadia Instrument

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The offer includes:

  • Nadia Instrument
  • Nadia Innovate
  • Innovate cartridges
  • 2×2-Way, 3×4 Way, 1×8-Way Innovate Cartridges
  • 40x Innovate Chips
  • 10 days of support
    • 1-day installation and training
    • Up to 3-days on site support
    • ~6 days remote support

Make your next application a reality!

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